I spent this weekend in Hyderabad. On Thursday my Ayurveda class took a trip to the Andhra Pradesh Forest Academy. We walked through this really beautiful nature trail and looked all the trees with medicinal qualities. It was a gorgeous day and the trees shaded us from the hot sun. We saw an herbal garden too. I really liked the Touch Me Not planets which shrivel up when you touch them. It was great, I didn’t have to go to class and I got to spend the day in the woods.

On Friday a group of SIP kids went to the India vs England cricket game. We had ordered our tickets online which clearly turned into a huge debacle. So we got the stadium and it turns out that we were supposed to pick up our tickets beforehand. The ticket counter claims that our tickets have been sold and we need to buy new tickets for 500 rupees. OK, not the end of the world, I can do that. So we buy these new tickets and make our way to the gate. As soon as we get close to the entrance, the crowd turns into a mob and the police come running with their batons. It got pretty intense real quick. I happened to be the closest to the riot so I pulled my Dedham Youth Basketball skills out and started boxing my friends out of the crowd. Eventually with a lot of pushing and shoving, we made it out of the mess and down the street. We got a phone call a minute later sawing somehow our tickets have been found. Great so now I went from having one ticket, to no ticket, to two tickets. After about an hour we made it in to the stadium. Luckily cricket games last about six hours so we didn’t end up missing much. The game was totally worth all the hassle. The crowd was constantly jumping, dancing, cheering and waving their Indian flags. It was definitely a true Indian experience. For a minute I felt like I was at Fenway except instead of selling hot dogs, everyone was selling samosas. India won. I am working on getting Dhoni, the India team captain, to marry me. Then I will never have to leave.

Saturday we went to the Charminar. It is one of Hyderabad’s most famous sites. The top of the towers gives a great view of the Old City. We also saw the Chowmahalla Palace. It looked like a smaller, Indian version of Versailles. I liked the Palace a lot. It had a cool museum attached to it. We went to this amazing South Indian restaurant for lunch. I ordered the Bisi Bele Bhath which is basically rice and lentils cooked together. It was delicious and the restaurant was really cheap. A great meal for $2.

Lazy Sunday was not very exciting. I worked on a paper and just hung around Tagore. I don’t get homesick much but when I am just sitting around, I start to miss home and school. I don’t want to leave here but I want to see all my friends and family again. Plus I could really use some Ben and Jerry’s in my life.