We had to stay on campus for the most of this weekend because of bandhs and Telangana activities. It’s not because things are particularly unsafe, it is more an issue of transportation. Most city buses and trains weren’t running and a lot of places were closed. We did however get to go to Sumana’s apartment complex last night for Raas Garba, a Gujarati dance festival. You use dandiya, decorated sticks, in this style of dance. It consists of hitting your sticks with a partner’s and twirling around. Anjali has been to a Raas Garba before so she helped some of us get started. Sumana’s daughter taught us some Bollywood dancing. She is only 11 years old but she has some serious moves. I know I keep saying this, but it was awesome. The locals were so welcoming. This one Gujarati woman grabbed my arm and taught me more Gujarati dance moves. She was wearing one of the most beautiful outfits. It was so colorful and covered in sequins. I loved every bit of it.