I definitely needed a good run this afternoon. Even in my oversized St. Mike’s t-shirt and my huge basketball shorts, people would not stop staring. You don’t see many people running at all, especially a little white girl. By the time I get to the school gym, I’m already starting to feel better. Since I’ve been so busy in the last two weeks I haven’t had much time for exercise.

But being in the gym was quite the experience. First of all, I wasn’t even sure if I was even allowed inside. A sign on the door made it seem like the gym was only open for women in the morning and the afternoon hours were for men. But another sign made it seem like the previous one was outdated. How crazy is that that there was once a segregated gym? I guess in the US we have gyms dedicated to women like Curves but it never even crossed my mind that my gender might prohibit me from working out. I explored around the facilities which include a cricket field, outdoor basketball courts and indoor badmitton. I finally came across the gym. Big surprise that I was the only girl there. Nobody gave me any problems, just very curious stares. The machines are so old and rusty and the entire place smells like body odor but I’ll make it work.

My run home was amazing. The sun was just starting to set and by the time I made it over the last hill on my route the sky was completely purple and orange. The campus is so pretty here. Everything is green and there are three lakes. The sun sets over this area of bolders and a mini lake. I’m beginning to think there is nothing more beautiful than a cool, clear night in Hyderabad.

Dad, I planned my workout so that I would be back to the dorm just before it got dark. Hakuna Matata.