We made it to school late Saturday night/Sunday morning. Our flight from Delhi to Hyderabad was delayed by 2 hours so we spent a solid 5 hours in the airport. We ate at McDonald’s where I had my last bites of meat for awhile. I’ve decided to try vegetarianism since India is probably the best place to start.

We just had orientation on Sunday and today (Monday). We picked some classes but there is no add/drop system here. Instead you have a two week window to try any class that you might be interested in. I’m thinking of taking Yoga Theory and Practice, Indian Society, Indian Writing in English and Ayurveda, which is an anthro class in traditional medicine. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Our Resident Director, Sumana, is awesome. I love her already. She is definitely going to be my Indian mother for the next 5 months.

We went to the mall today before dinner. I was too overwhelmed to buy  because the clothes are so different. I was trying things on and asking a store assistant if it looked like it is supposed to but she kept shaking her head. Indians have this thing where they bob their heads side to side in a nonchalant way which means like “yeah” so it’s a little confusing but hilarious/adorable. Our Director’s assistant who we all have crushes on does it all the time.

I’m way too lazy and tired to upload photos now but when I do I’ll explain all the things we did the first six days.


All my love